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Filipino Lawyer Calgary

Chantal Borja was called to the Law Society of Alberta Bar in May 2018. She has appeared several times and regularly appears before the Provincial Courts and Courts of Queen’s Bench, where she gained her vast experience in litigation.


Chantal Borja has been in a good number of court battles, has handled a lot of cases and possesses the necessary skills, training and experience in her field. She focuses on Family Law and Divorce. She also assists clients who intend to prepare their WillsPowers of Attorney or Personal Directives.   

Chantal obtained her Bachelor of Laws at the University of Santo Tomas in the Philippines in 2010 and became a member of the Philippine Bar in 2011. Prior to coming to Calgary, she has gained a wide range of experience in a period of four years in numerous practice areas, such as but not limited to, family law, civil litigation, tax and corporate law in the Philippines.

Chantal understands the emotional stress brought about by broken marriages or any family problems. She knows that clients need someone who will advocate for them. Chantal is always prepared to listen to her clients. She allots sufficient time to communicate with her clients and read whatever documents they provide her. She always tries to put herself in their shoes so she could understand how they feel. She empathizes with them and understands their perspective, their goals and even their fears. Chantal is not the judgmental type so her clients can freely tell her the whole truth and nothing more. She wants her clients to feel at ease with her. She dedicates time to her clients so they could easily build their trust on her. She preserves the confidentiality of every information she obtains from her clients. Chantal boasts of a strong and good work ethic.

No two cases are similar. Each client has his/her own story to tell which requires a different approach. It is important that she gets the story clearly, correctly and accurately from her clients, from the start up to the end. From there, Chantal diligently studies every case and pays attention to details. She extensively prepares for every trial and helps her clients build the courage and strength that they need during trial, especially when they testify in court.

The impact of family law cases on the clients extends even beyond the termination of the case. This is why she encourages her clients to consider out-of-court settlement, if possible. She educates the clients about the applicable laws and explains to them the procedures step-by-step. She helps her clients come up with an informed decision in order to achieve the best possible solution. She assists her clients in the negotiation table, always considering what is most beneficial to them without sacrificing courteousness to the opposing party and his/her counsel. However, if after exploring all possible options and alternatives and settlement is still not possible between the parties, Chantal fights for her clients up to the end in order to protect their rights and in order for her clients to receive what is just and what is due them.

​Chantal is the hard-working and zealous type and always at her best to deliver positive results to her clients. She makes sure that her clients get more than what they pay for by providing quality legal representation. 

Chantal can also assist clients in Filipino (Tagalog).

Filipino Lawyer Calgary
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